I'M Erin!

hey, there!

Nice to meet you! 

Most days you can find me at my desk, editing, but when I'm not busy working you can find me playing with my dogs (Myrna & Milton) or curling up with my cats (Moose & Mayzie) with a sweet tea and some Netflix. 

I'm so fortunate to be able to do what I do. I love the teams, seniors, and families that I work with, and provide lasting images of their important memories.

I truly believe in the importance of photographs. They are our memories. I want to be able to use photography to help myself and others to remember this exact moment in time, when it's been pushed out of our minds by other important memories or even years in the future when it's become hard to recall. 

I'M HERE TO HELP YOU remember this moment, right now, forever.

I have better gear now, I promise!

e: erin@erinleephoto.com

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