- You, probably.

“History? My senior photo session? I don’t know about all that.”

When I was younger, I thought I wanted to be a history teacher. I grew up fascinated by stories about remarkable people and unbelievable events, and I wanted to devour as many of them as possible. I know, I know...I’m such a nerd. There was always something captivating about the way stories from these events that had happened hundreds of years ago were still told and retold. But when I stepped in front of the camera for my own senior session a decade ago, I realized there was another way to preserve history: through photography. 

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My own senior photo (from 2009!)

But it’s true! You’ve worked so hard for most of your life to achieve the title “senior,” and I think that’s pretty incredible. Now, you’re preparing to write the next chapter in your story. But before you do, I believe this one deserves to be documented. And it took my own senior session to recognize how much I felt that. So, instead of pursuing a history major in college, I decided to get a degree in visual communications with a concentration in photography from Savannah College of Art and Design. The rest is, well, history!

Today, I work with fascinating seniors and athletes like you to preserve their stories. Through a vibrant and dynamic style, I fill galleries with moments that look exactly the way you remember them. And through my timeless, true-to-color editing, your images will never go out of style. 

When I’m not kicking it with sports teams or seniors, I’m probably snuggled up with my pets (Moose and Mayzie the cats, and Milton the dachshund) for a 30 Rock rewatch, battling it out with my family over Exploding Kittens, trying out a new craft that I’ll inevitably not be very good at, or heading to the Alamo Drafthouse for a movie and fried pickles. But the entire time, I’m counting down the milliseconds until I can snatch up my camera and head out for another senior or sports session!

Still to this day, I look back on the photos from my senior photo session with a smile. I remember so clearly exactly how I felt, standing on the edge of one phase of my life and preparing to dive headfirst into another. I remember the thrill of new possibilities tinged with a bit of sadness that came with saying “so long” to a high school experience I loved. I’ll always be grateful my mom encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone and in front of a camera to make sure I could have these little heirlooms to revisit and treasure. 

When I say I’m super devoted to delivering physical products you love, I really mean it! Choosing the best photos and creating the perfect layout can be tough. This is why I offer album design services to help make the experience easy and effortless!


Over the last five years, I’ve become a bit of an expert at finding the nearest bathroom. TMI? Maybe. But I’ll tell you what...you’ll never have to worry about not having a nearby spot for a mid-session bathroom break! 


I try to keep my cool on the sidelines of a game while photographing, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t start cheering on occasion. When teams book me for an entire season, and I get to see them grow throughout the year, I can’t help but become a devoted fan. 


In ordinary life and as a photographer, the phrase “detail-oriented” comes up a lot. From the hair tie on your wrist to the pine needle stuck to your jeans, I’m known for catching the little things others might miss. I even wear black to most of my sessions, so my reflection doesn’t show up in your eyes in the photos! See? Perfectionist. 


Okay...maybe that seems irrelevant. But it had to be said! 



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I can’t wait to get to know you, hear about your high school adventures, and celebrate what’s next as we take your senior portraits. I look forward to hearing from you!

But enough about me!