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When we ended the first part of Will’s session downtown, we made plans to do a separate session to celebrate his high school football career, and since his first session took place in the middle of football season, we had to wait a few months.

When we met up with Will, his mom, and his older sister (who also spent four years playing soccer on this same field!) at Westwood’s Warrior Bowl, I noticed something that these new photos would have something the first set didn’t … a few more inches of hair!

Even though it was unintentional in this case, booking a follow-up session, like a Cap & Gown Session or a Prom Dress Session is a great way to get portraits of yourself with different haircuts throughout your senior year! Since follow-up sessions are always done in the spring, your hair will have plenty of time to grow after a fall or winter session or plenty of opportunities for you to play around with a drastic cut or color change.

It was a windy, overcast day (we love overcast days!) so we were able to shoot at several different angles to showcase various aspects of the Warrior Bowl.

When you play a sport you’ve put in so much blood, sweat, and tears (likely literally!) and time onto that sport that it has become a huge part of your high school experience. Shooting some of your senior portraits at your home field or court can be the perfect way to cap off your high school career, whether you’re going on to play in college or not.

Here are a few of my favorite photos from Will’s football senior session!

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July 10, 2021



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